I'm Reyes Torres

Since I was very little I have always liked everything related to aesthetics and personal image. I understand fashion as a way of life , I dress and fix myself to please myself and then others.

Feeling good about yourself is essential to convey what you want, it is not necessary to invest much, rather than trying to unify colors and harmonize outfits.

Less is always more and it is essential to be comfortable , I take little risk, but I do like to add touches to the outfits that make it interesting and different.

"There is no second chance to make a good first impression"

It is a phrase by Oscar Wilde that is among my favorites as well as Machiavelli's phrase "Everyone sees what we appear to be but few see what we are" . I start with this small collection that I will love to expand and thus be able to share together this path that I hope and wish you will accompany me to evolve.

some of my favorites

we are all unique

and we must give it our own style that we all have, I can inspire you, but you are going to carry it. I am here for whatever you need and I can only thank you.